"Sleep is the best meditation."-Dalai Lama

  • APPROACH Bedroom Sanctuary

    While comfort and wellbeing are key to a healthy, balanced life, having a bedroom environment that looks and feels good is also important. Working with natural materials, imparting eco-friendly design practices, striking a balance between doing good, feeling good and looking good is paramount to us.

    Alongside our range of mattresses, we collaborate with a collection of prominent designers and artisans from New Zealand, and around the world. From the natural, sustainable lighting designs of David Trubridge; the beautiful wood and metal designs of Timothy John to the children's furniture extraordinaire, Oeuf.

  • JOURNEY To cradle in arms.

    Okooko is the realization of Rochelle Le Pine, who in 1999, on a pursuit for sound-sleep, discovered that in Hong Kong, the ingredients for a consistent, good night’s rest, were incredibly hard to come by. In 2006, while on her daily hunt for inspiration, she came across the old Maori saying of ‘Okooko,’ which means to cradle in arms. This traditional phrase inspired her to look outwards to the world as she began to discover the array of individuals who, like her were on a search to find a healthy sleep routine. Rochelle decided she would pay-it-forward, and help to provide the people of Hong Kong with mattresses and sleep-systems that were kind to the body, gentle on the earth, and appealing to the eye. Rochelle began to design the Okooko experience, which is today defined by the collection of savvy, sleep-specialists who passionately work to create personalized, eco-friendly bedroom environments.
  • Your Health Renewed
  • Your Sleep Personalised
  • Your Design Expressed
  • Your World Protected

Your Health Renewed

Renew yourself with a sleep system that gets you fit and healthy for the adventure of life.

At the age of 60, you would have slept an equivalent of 20 years. Those years are vital in maintaining your physical and emotional health. During sleep the body rebuilds and regenerates, reviving your immune system and recharging your batteries. Choose a sleep system that renews your health.

Benefits of an Okooko Sleep System

  • Sleep safely in a chemical free environment
  • Surround yourself with natural materials free of toxins and allergens
  • Complete muscular skeletal support
  • A cleaner, drier and healthier sleep solution
  • Physical and mental replenishment

Everyone is different and has different support needs. Our sleep prescription system allows you and your partner to have individualized support while not compromising on sharing a mattress.

We know choosing a mattress and sleep system can be a stressful process, our aim is to ensure you get a good night's sleep. In addition to highly knowledgeable staff we also provide a sleep trial area instore, where you can lie undisturbed on a mattress for as long as you wish, and on top of that, we have a 100 day trial.

Our mattresses are selected on their comfort and support criteria. Latex is widely known to provide fantastic support. A latex molecule has a spring like shape so effectively a latex mattress is made up of billions of tiny springs, each individually supporting your body and with more resilience than a wire spring.

If a mattress is too hard or too soft, certain parts of your body will be exposed to too much pressure, resulting in a restless sleep. Latex mattresses consistently score in the top of consumer scores because of their amazing pressure distribution.


There is no one like you. You are unique. You move through life to your own rhythms. What is important to you? Your health, your family, the environment? Why compromise any elements when you don't have to? Satisfy all of your priorities and choose a sleep system fitted to you.

Benefits of an Okooko Sleep System:

  • One bed - two independent sleep systems
  • Specified for optimal spinal and postural support
  • A range of comfortable sleeping systems to choose from
  • A system measured, fitted and tuned to your body
  • A ventilated, drier sleep environment


The Okooko Sleep System is engineered to allow the mattress and underlying flexible slats to work together. The system gently cradles the natural curves and alignment of your spinal column, allowing your spinal muscles to relax completely for a deeper, more restful sleep. By allowing the tiny muscles and ligaments that link the individual vertebrae to rest in a neutral position the Okooko Sleep System maximizes your physical recovery. You'll sleep better, you'll feel better, ready for the new day.


The Okooko slat system is available in three different firmnesses or a zoned slat system, to cater for individual preferences. Each slat works independent of each other, maintaining correct spinal alignment while alleviating any pressure points, regardless of size and weight. The Okooko sleep system is the perfect solution for couples with different sleeping preferences. Each side of the bed is customized to the individual, effectively creating two sleep surfaces in one bed.


Take pride in the knowledge that you are using products fitting you and your children's world. As part of our commitment to YOUR HEALTH and YOUR WORLD all materials selected in our mattresses and bed frames are from sustainable resources.

Benefits of an Okooko Sleep System:

  • Made from renewable, recyclable & sustainable resources
  • Environmental and quality accreditation
  • A positive contribution to your world

You pay attention to organic eating and natural beauty products, so understanding the materials your mattress is made of, is worthy of your attention.

We believe the best things in life come from Mother Nature. So naturally, our products are made from fibres such as natural latex, wool, and bamboo.


A precious gift from Mother Nature, Okooko's 100% natural latex mattress offers superior comfort and support for any sleeping position. Latex is naturally elastic and therefore creates an ideal sleeping surface by quickly adjusting to your body, meaning you have to exert less effort to change sleeping position, enhancing your body's rejuvenation process.

Natural latex is also free of toxic fumes that are commonly generated by chemically composed foams. Our 100% natural, latex mattresses are far more durable than other types of mattresses, meaning your investment is for a long time, reducingconsumption, again helping the world.

Natural latex: Why we love it?

  • Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial
  • Hypo-allergenic and dust mite resistant
  • Breathable and allows free air flow throughout the mattress
  • Excellent body support through natural elasticity and flexibility
  • Long lifespan is easier on the pocketbook and easier on Mother Nature

These sensitive materials bring you worry-free dreams, and work with your body - helping you to maintain a comfortable temperature, support circulation and breathability.

And for those with allergies and asthma, natural latex helps to maximize airflow around the mattress, eliminate moisture retention, dust mites, bacteria and fungi. This means with happy lungs, comes a happy sleep.


We use bamboo on our mattress covers.

Organic bamboo is silky soft in texture providing maximum sleep comfort. Bamboo thrives naturally without the use of pesticides or other chemical substances and regenerates rapidly making it a super environmentally friendly material. In addition to being naturally anti-bacterial, Bamboo fibre is much finer than synthetic and cotton fibre allowing airflow? throughout the mattress, accommodating better moisture regulation for a comfortable sleeping temperature.


The combination of these sustainable resources makes for a luxurious, fluffy padding. It has the luxurious feel and drape of silk with the benefits of breathable cotton.