100 days sleep trial doesn't apply for products purchased with the 10 years anniversary code.

100 days sleep trial

At Okooko we believe that one of the most important decisions you can make for your life, health and general well being is choosing the right mattress. Making this decision based on lying on a mattress for maybe five minutes in a showroom with a sales person hovering, random punters walking past, whilst trying not to flash your knickers to the world - having inevitably forgotten to wear trousers for mattress trialling, is hardly the ideal conditions in which to make such an important decision. So, at Okooko we are offering you the opportunity to try our mattress in the comfort and peace of your home for 100 nights!

Why 100 nights?

It takes time to know a mattress.

Unfortunately, most of us are not currently sleeping on the best mattress for us from a comfort and postural support point of view. As a result, the muscles around our spine get used to being in an unusual position to try and compensate. When you get your Okooko mattress home it can take up to 30 days for the muscles to relax and adjust. During this period you may experience some discomfort and you should not judge the mattress on this. After this initial period your spine and body will have adjusted and then you have the chance to see if the mattress is the right one for you. 100 nights gives you plenty of time to experience the decrease in partner disturbance and the excellent postural support latex offers. Also, if you are an allergy sufferer it will allow you plenty of time to notice the difference in your allergies and breathing.

Not for you?

If after 100 days you decide the mattress is not made for you contact us and you can have your money back.

Terms and Conditions

Only Okooko and Heveya mattresses are valid for the 100 day free trial. It does not extend to bedframes, furniture, kids beds and furniture and accessories (including mattress toppers, sheets, pillows, mattress protectors etc) as these do not affect the comfort of the mattress. Please note the Okooko 100 day mattress trial does not apply to Crib/Cot/Junior Bed mattresses or trundle mattresses as these are manufactured by Colgate U.S.A, not us.

Returned mattresses must be in like new condition. Mattresses that have stains, odours or any damage are not eligible for return.

Mattresses that are the wrong size are not eligible for refund so please be sure you have selected the correct size before purchasing.

All returns must be completed within 100 days from date of delivery.

Exchanges for different firmnesses are at Okooko's sole discretion. If you do exchange the mattress for a different firmness an exchange can only be done once.

Refunds will be processed to you by the same method as initial payment was made.

Refunds are only applicable to the mattress. Any service charges will not be refunded and if any promotional items were included in the initial purchase the cost of these will be deducted from the amount refunded.

All decisions of Okooko shall be final.

Where do I return it to?

Please contact our service team at enquiries@okooko.com and we will assist you as the physical return process varies by country. In Hong Kong and Macau we can arrange for collection and disposal but need to work with third parties in other countries.