Hannah B.
When I visited the Okooko store I was pleasantly surprised by the service. Winne and her team were very patient as I tried every mattress in the store! I ended up purchasing a mattress, mattress cover and pillows. Every night I now sleep in what I can only describe a luxurious hotel bed! I love their products and would recommend them to anyone.
Rochelle H.
Friendly expert advice on appropriate pillows improved sleep time in our family immensely. Word spread and a number of colleagues also see Okooko as their preferred one stop shop for bedding.
Ann & Gary
Hi to the team at Okooko
Just letting you know that my husband and I 5 years later are still enjoying a fabulous nights sleep on your sleep system. The products are still as good as the day we purchased them. Not good for your sales as we won't require new products in the near future. Particularly love the latex pillows. These are fabulous and have really helped with my sore neck which is no longer a problem. We can highly recommend them to future customers.
Veronica P
The bed I bought from Okooko years ago is still my favorite bed, it's so aesthetically beautiful as well as comfortable that my mum and my sister are now Okooko converts. We also have matching side tables and a floor lamp - timeless items which we will always keep.
Christine R
I bought an okooko mattress and bedframe 3 years ago and I just love it. Not only it is beautiful and looks warm in my room but the mattress is super comfi adn i sleep like a baby.I hesitated because the price is expensive, but it is worth the investment. I have got a healthy mattress for a sound sleep and i can kick the day well rested.
Lindsey P
We loved the personalised experience of getting customised pillows that were measured to fit snuggly under our necks. Whenever I travel I miss my pillow!
We bought a master bed at Okooko some years ago. I have one issue: Everyone in the family want to have sleepovers in our bed since then. No chance for family multiplication exercises. It is an issue!

Sleeping has become a family favourite since we bought our Okooko bed.
Nathan S.
I have purchase the pillows that keep the natural contour of your head from Okooko and they have been amazing! I don't use any other pillow. I purchased 2 with varying heights as my partner and I have different should and neck heights and really help keep the support of the head.

Thanks Okooko for helping us get a better nights sleep!
Anita & Joakim C.
My husband and I bought our Okooko bed-frame and mattress in Horizon Plaza, 2010. It has been, and still is, the most comfortable bed we have ever owned. Truly! The mattress is just magic with the right amount of firmness and perfect softness to suit us both. We sleep like babies and it's always lovely to come back home after a holiday and go back to our own bed!

The service in the Okooko shop is fantastic and the quality of their products is top notch.

We would recommend anyone looking for comfort, style, quality and great service to go to Okooko!

Their beds are simply the best!

With much gratitude,
Anita & Joakim C.
Ben Abbotts
We bought a bunk bed for my son from Okooko and it's the most comfortable bed in the house!
Ben & Bianca
Our Okooko bed is as gorgeous as it is comfortable. We're truly happy (and well rested) customers
Audrey, Natalia, Isabelle, and Jason
We have been customers of Okooko for many years now. We have kept on coming back as our family has grown, as Okooko has gathered within its four walls a wonderful collection of natural, well-designed bedroom accessories for both adult and children. The staff at Okooko is knowledgeable, accessible, and warm, and with their help and products we have never slept any sounder, and our home never looked any better! We look forward to coming back time and time again as our children grow, and look to accessorize their bedrooms in the years to come!
Caroline Mcnamara
A few years ago I purchased an Okooko bed and base. Fantastic product extremely comfortable mattress with great base. I highly recommend the beds and great service from this company.
Lindsey P
"The Oeuf Mini library and Toy Store have been fabulous additions to my boys rooms; they love them and they look great.

The Mini Library has been perfect for storing all my sons Lego models and hiding his special items in the little cupboards and the Toy Store is the perfect room tidy and storage for any little hoarder and collector of small things!"
I have purchased scented soy candles from Okooko on several occasions. They are a fabulous accessory in my home as the fragrances are beautiful without being overpowering, and they look simple yet elegant. I also love treating my hands to a massage with the soy wax, it feels truly decadent. These candles have become my go to gift for any occasion - who wouldn't love them! Thank you so much.
Sasha Young
I used Okooko's lift up storage beds in an interior design project for a bachelor pad in Hong Kong. Okooko were so helpful, explaining which mattresses and pillows would be best for my client according to how he slept. They also upholstered the headboards in our choice of fabric before delivery. Delivery was timely and careful. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone furnishing their bedroom.
Sasha Y
I used some colours from Okooko's range of paint in an interior design project for a large family flat in Hong Kong. Okooko organised delivery brilliantly to the project site on the morning that the painters started work, saving us much time and effort. The colours are beautiful. We used both matt and gloss finishes on the walls and both are excellent - there was no lingering smell of paint or chemicals and, despite Hong Kong's humid climate, they have adhered to the walls superbly. The price point is also very reasonable. I am looking forward to using Okooko paints again soon!
Corbett C
For us, choosing a bed is a very important decision. We had put up with our old bed for too long, and although it was a premium product, we were suffering from back pain. By chance we visited Okooko while shopping in Horizon Plaza, and straight away were impressed with the product range and service. After trying and discussing in detail the different options, we bought a mattress. Following our visit we also asked for advice about a bed base. Okooko's responses by email were knowledgeable and unbiased. The mattress arrived recently and after two nights of settling down, every night since has been a deep sleep. The quality of the product is exceptional and value is very good compared with what you see from other brands. The experience was fantastic and I would recommend you visit Okooko, especially if you are serious about sleep.